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Here are some of the great responses from clients that we have worked with.

It’s never a pleasure to know your roof has been badly damaged by hail, including the copper portion. When my community discovered that I was getting a new roof by Garner Johnson Builders, most of the rest of the neighborhood thought they had hail damage also. Sure enough, Garner Johnson performed hail checks and when it was all done, 34 luxury homes in our community had needed their roofs replaced. Many of these homes were difficult for roofers to replace due to steep pitches and low valleys. Garner Johnson made the process very easy by taking care of the required paperwork from our insurance company’s. Being the first to get my roof done, I was in a hard spot. But never got one complaint from any of the 34 other homes owners. It’s comforting knowing that Garner Johnson will be around for years to come if I ever need anything else. My new roof looks better than the original roof did when we built our house! Thank you very much Garner Johnson for your outstanding work!

The Garner Johnson team was there when we needed them. They walked us through every step of the process efficiently and professionally. They helped make a difficult situation much less traumatic.

David Schreir, Cliffs resident

Joe Garner and Jeff Johnson are professionals through and through. They do an amazing job.

Kevin Sims, Premier Insurance Agency

I want to say how pleased we are with the outcome as well as with the Garner Johnson employees who were involved on the project. We readily recommend Garner Johnson to anyone looking to renovate or restore.

Sammy Moss, Thornblade resident

We loved work with Garner Johnson on our home renovation project. They helped us from the smallest details on how to handle the insurance claims to getting every aspect of the actual construction done right.

Mike Parker, Berea First Baptist Church

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